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Hi, I'm Shelli! At 54, I've ​experienced a whirlwind journey ​that's fueled my passion for ​helping other business owners ​achieve financial success. I have ​generated over 2 million dollars ​in sales & after closing my own ​business last year, I dedicated ​myself to creating Sparkle with ​Shelli with one mission in mind: ​empowering women to make ​money on their own terms.

Business Is Hard

I understand the feelings of ​hopelessness and stress that come ​with running a business. That's why ​I've worked tirelessly to develop ​strategies that allow you to work less ​and make more. Through Sparkle ​with Shelli, I share my insights, tools, ​and support to help you build a ​thriving business while enjoying the ​freedom and balance you deserve.

Join me on this journey, and let's ​transform your business into a beacon ​of success and fulfillment.

It’s Not all about the ​Hustle

I've been through a lot on my journey ​and discovered my passion for helping ​women business owners make money ​on their own terms. With over 250K ​followers, I somehow became an ​influencer, but my true mission is to ​uplift and empower women like you.

Let's be real – the entrepreneurial ​path can be lonely and tough. I'm here ​to be transparent and authentic ​because no one has it all figured out. ​We're all just doing our best, learning ​as we go, and sometimes stumbling ​along the way. And that's totally ​okay!

So, consider me your business ​bestie on this wild ride called ​entrepreneurship. Together, ​we'll navigate the twists and ​turns, armed with a treasure ​trove of shortcuts, tricks, and ​hard-earned wisdom. Because ​success? It's not a solo journey – ​it's a team sport.

I believe we're all born with ​unique gifts, and mine ​happens to be a genuine ​passion for seeing others ​thrive. Your victories? ​They're my victories too. ​There's nothing that lights ​up my world quite like ​cheering on my friends as ​they soar to new heights.

So girl, if you've ever felt ​like you're not good ​enough, smart enough, or ​equipped for success, I'm ​here to tell you: you are. ​And I'll be right by your ​side, every step of the way, ​cheering you on, lifting you ​up, and celebrating your ​wins like they're my own.

Together, we'll sparkle ​and shine, because in this ​journey called life and ​business, no one should ​ever have to walk alone.


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