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Welcome to Socially Savvy, the exclusive ​membership group for passionate and ambitious ​female entrepreneurs. Whether you're running a ​small business, leading a team in network ​marketing, or dreaming of a successful home-​based business, our supportive community and ​expert resources are here to empower you every ​step of the way.

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At Socially Savvy, we know the challenges of ​feeling like an outsider in the business world. ​We’re dedicated to helping you overcome ​imposter syndrome, build unwavering ​confidence, and create a powerful online ​presence.

Build Confidence:

Stop comparing yourself to others and ​embrace your unique journey.

focus & plan:

Develop a clear strategy and take ​actionable steps to achieve your goals.

Master Branding & social Media

Develop a clear strategy and take ​actionable steps to achieve your goals.

Stand out online with a strong, authentic ​message.

Learn Essential Business Skills

Learn the tools and techniques to drive ​success.

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30 Editable Canva Templates

S​treamline your social media marketing with ease.

$75 Value

Ho​t Seat Coaching Sessions

R​eceive tailored advice and support for your specific needs.

$147 Value

V​IP Brand Audit

E​nhance your brand's impact with a personalized review.

$99 Value

Member Spotlight Features

Shine within our vibrant community

$47 value

Monthly Training

Access worksheets and actionable tasks to keep you on ​track to reach your goals.

$197 Value

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Special Price

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just $27 per month or get a ​full year for just $197

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Are you ready to go from feeling overwhelmed and ​stuck to becoming a confident, energized business ​rockstar? Join Socially Savvy today and watch ​your online presence and sales soar.

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Quotation Mark

You will love this group and all of ​the things that Shelli teaches. ​She is always full of ideas and ​strategies to help you succeed in ​your business. If you put what ​you learn into practice you will ​see a huge improvement in your ​business. Join Today!

-Tricia A

Quotation Mark

Shelli has helped me so much and ​she doesn’t even know it. One day I ​was really struggling in my business ​and she had posted about not giving ​up. It really spoke to me and I felt ​like I got my spark back. My ​business has grown leaps and ​bounds because I didn’t give up. ​You will not be disappointed.

-Carrissa D

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I cannot recommend Shelli ​enough. She has been a wealth of ​information & knowledge to me ​as a new boutique owner and I do ​not know what I would do without ​her. This is a no brainer.

- Kim W

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Ready to Transform?

Are you tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed in ​your business journey? It's time to make a change. ​Join Socially Savvy, the membership group that ​empowers female entrepreneurs to build ​confidence, master social media, and achieve ​business success.