From Comparison to Confidence

As the owner of Creme de la Creme Boutique, I have had the privilege of turning my dreams into reality.  My mission is to help women break the chains of what is expected and learn the power of embracing our uniqueness and loving ourselves for who we are. 
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You see, growing up, I never quite fit the mold of what society deemed as "beautiful." I wasn't the homecoming queen, and I didn't resemble the girls on the magazine covers that I was obsessed with. I constantly compared myself to those images, wishing I could be them. The allure of the glossy pages from magazines like Seventeen, Teen, and Glamour pulled me into a world of comparison, where I fell short of the standard of beauty they portrayed.

But as I've gone through life, I've come to understand that comparison is truly a thief of joy. It robs us of the ability to embrace our individuality, and it takes away from the love we should be directing towards ourselves. I've felt the disappointment of not being included and the sting of not feeling "good enough," but those experiences have shaped who I am today.

Life is constantly throwing us curve balls, but each challenge is an opportunity for growth. At the age of 54, I finally feel like I'm hitting my prime. I've evolved, and I've learned that my worth isn't defined by the standards imposed by marketing campaigns or social media. Confidence in yourself is the most beautiful thing you can possess. 
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Owning this boutique is more than just a business venture for me. It's a platform to spread a message that every woman has the power to choose her path and define her own sense of beauty. Fashion should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their size, shape, or background. And beyond clothing, I want to teach women that self-love is a journey worth embarking on.

Together, we're creating a community that embraces and uplifts one another. My boutique is a space where everyone can find pieces that reflect their personalities and make them feel confident. It's a reminder that we're all unique, and that's something to celebrate.

So, here's to choosing our own paths, embracing our individual beauty, and letting go of comparisons that no longer serve us. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey, and I can't wait to continue helping each of you feel empowered, beautiful, and worthy in every way.

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  • Kimberly Glowacki

    Shelli, this may be the best article I have read this year! You have been an inspiration in my closet and in my self value journey! I can’t thank you enough for what you do and why you choose to do it!

    Smiles, Kimberly

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